Testimonials from DePuma's Gluten Free Pasta Customers

I just had to let everyone know about some wonderful GF pasta! DePuma's Gluten Free Pasta makes really delicious fresh GF tortellini and ravioli. On top of that, John DePuma is just wonderful to work with.

Just before Christmas I e-mailed John to find out if there was any way he could ship to Ohio. I got the word that they were just setting up to accept credit cards and that we could make it happen. Everything went so smoothly and my husband's favorite Christmas present arrived on Christmas Eve packed in dry ice. Of course, he had tortellini for dinner!

I have no financial connection with this company. I'm just a very satisfied customer! Anyone who is missing a good ravioli or tortellini...check out DePuma's.
Christine, Ohio

I just had your cavatelli and they were outstanding! You are not only a talented chef, but also a magician! How you can make something with no gluten taste like the original version is truly amazing!! Thanks for sharing your creative gift with us. Can't wait to taste your future creations.
Viviana, Connecticut

One of my favorite foods is DePuma’s Gluten Free Pasta. When I discovered their pasta, my Italian ravioli woes were erased completely! First off, you cannot tell that their pasta is gluten-free. Secondly, because the pasta is fresh, it reminds me of my childhood.
Jennifer, Connecticut

DePuma's pasta makes our lives so much more enjoyable. Your ravioli and tortellini are unbelievably delicious!
Jane, Connecticut

I tried your gluten free pasta(three cheese tortellini). They were delicious. I have celiac and your pasta by far is the best and I have had many. Nice to see this gluten problem being addressed by someone like you. Thank you
Olimpia, Connecticut

Your tortellini and raviolis are absolutely delicious and we wish you all the best!
Jane, Connecticut

Hi John and Gina, After my mom showed me your awesome write up in the paper, I just had to go out and try your pasta. My husband and I have been avoiding wheat and gluten products as recommended by the "Blood Type Diet". I love to cook, and creating tasty meals that are gluten free can be challenging. I was so impressed by your Three Cheese Tortellini--it was absolutely fantastic! It's really sweet that your created this for Gina. Keep up the good work!
Jen, Connecticut

Dear Chef DePuma,
Yesterday I enjoyed, for the first time, your delicious Three Cheese Gluten-Free Tortellini. After my diagnosis 8 months ago, I thought I would never have tortellinis or raviolis again. As a native of Argentina (and half Italian) I grew up on these pasta dishes. Along with steak, they were staples in our diets. Your GF version reminds me of the homemade tortellini I used to eat in Argentina. I can not wait to try your raviolis. Thank you for sharing your culinary talents with us!
Viviana, Connecticut

Way to go, John. I had some of the spinach and ricotta last night. It was awesome. Can't wait to try some more.
Mike, Connecticut

I just read about your new GF pasta venture. Having grown up in an Italian family where Sunday afternoons consisted of making a huge batch of sauce and gorging on fresh filled pasta, sausage and semolina bread, I am absolutely thrilled to know my 2 celiac kids (age 3 and 5) will now be able to know what good ravioli and tortellini are.
Andrea, Connecticut

Thank you for making this, it has changed my life since I was diagnosed.
Karen, Connecticut

We have just tried your gluten free ravioli and tortellini sold at Thyme and Season in Hamden, CT and we're delighted how delicious they are!!! I will continue to buy your pastas at Thyme and Season. Keep up the great work!
Sally, Connecticut

Being 100% Italian, once I found out I had celiac I never thought that I would be able to eat pasta again that tasted like the real thing but yours does so I really thank you.
Vanessa, Connecticut

I just had your cheese/spinach ravioli and they are better than any frozen ravioli I've ever had, with or without gluten! they are truly amazing. So glad I tried them. Thanks.
Holly, Connecticut

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